1. Sueo

    He arrived in India safely.

    (Comments from the owner will be posted soon.)


  2. Murph

    He arrived in Japan safely.

    (Comments from the owner will be posted soon.)

  3. Sola

    The date of moving to India was not officially decided, but since the move itself was decided, I took advantage of Paw's free consultation and consulted early (I think it was about 7 months before moving).

    Paw prepared more and more from what they could do, and about two months before the moving date, we were able to prepare most of the required documents.

    I needed to ask our family veterinarian to issue English certificates for exporting Sola, but Paw made templates for him, so he only signed after confirming the contents. I had to prepare many English certificates, so I was glad I saved the veterinarian's trouble.

    Actually, that was the second time I moved to India with Sola. We were taken care of by another agent last time. The agent was also good, but sometimes the response was slow and I was worried. In that respect, Paw was always supportive because they responded quickly. During the moving period, we were really busy because we had to prepare a lot of things in parallel. Paw is great at their job because they always got things done. It was also nice that they created a schedule suitable for Sola so that we grasped the big picture of it.

    With the immigration regulations of each country changing day by day due to the COVID-19 spreading, it was difficult to collect information on the quarantine of human beings, and in addition to that, it was really difficult to think about the quarantine of Sola. Even if I contacted the animal quarantine office in India by myself, unfortunately I did not receive a smooth reply, so I was glad to have Paw act for me.

    According to Paw, the types of vaccinations and the contents of the certificates are different between India and Japan. Paw interacted closely with the animal quarantine office and sincerely answered what I was worried about. I heard that the Paw staff members also took their dogs abroad many times. Because of that, they can understand pet owners’ feelings appropriately.

    I would like Paw to take care of Sola when he returns from India to Japan. I'm really thankful to them.