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“I’m taking my dog abroad for the first time, what should I start with?”

“I suddenly decided to return to my home country, but will the procedure be in time?”

“I don’t understand Japanese, but is the procedure okay …?”

“It seems that my veterinarian has never made a certificate …”

“It seems that the required documents differ depending on the country …”

We think there will be a lot of worries.

We would appreciate it if you could contact us first by filling out the inquiry form.


    Please consult with us for India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, etc.

    We are currently suspending support for some countries (e.g. China, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, etc.).

    (* It may be difficult to import or export your pets depending on the situation of them and the destination and/or arrival country . Please feel free to contact us first.)